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Hot Topics: Artifact Tracks for 2019



Visit our main theatre for the launch of Artifact Academy featuring some of the best CPIC Forum events offer: 

- KeyNote Speakers from the Executive Branch to enlighten and empower with real-time guidance, legislation, standards and trends plus the always-popular C-Suite Executive Panel.

Technology Business Management (TBM)


TBM is new to the federal government and has become mandated - but the cost tower approach is not necessarily proprietary. Learn from an experts from CPIC Forum's TBM Special Interest Group (SIG) and expert Enterprise Architects who can meaningfully explain where TBM fits into the IT Modernization Plan from a cost perspective and how it fits into "The Big Picture". Perhaps an exercise on cost tower mapping? 

Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA)


CPIC Forum's FITARA Special Interest Group (SIG) is currently evaluating the hottest topics regarding successful examples of FITARA compliance. Stay tuned for the BIG REVEAL for speakers, tips, tools and templates. We've asked for examples for you, too! More tools in your toolkit to go back to work ready for success!

Diversity & Inclusion


Our Partners are working with our Community Outreach Special Interest Group and we will announce the BIG REVEAL of this coming years' Diversity and Inclusion topics.

Portfolio, Program & Project Management


Forum Members Natalie Fisher and Nnenna Egwim (also a Cooper-Godlove Award of Excellence recipient) are helping us put together an outstanding set of PM/ PfM tools and templates for their sessions. Want to offer a HOT TOPIC? Let's make it happen!


Learn the tenets of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and related technologies from Gustavo Calderon.

Learn the tenets of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and related technologies, as well as the motivation and incentives of the diverse community creating the business, financial, economic, regulatory, and philosophical paradigm shifts that have been taking place since the first Bitcoin block was mined back on  January 3, 2009

Project, Program, Portfolio & Investment Management

Session Details To Be Announced


Is the suspense killing you? The BIG REVEAL is coming soon! 

Recorded Sessions


Can't make it? We're collaborating with media partners to create pay-per-view tuition options and podcast options. 

Continuing Education Credit


We provide certificates of continuing educational credit. *Certain rules apply.

Session: Intro to Risk Management & Risk Registers


Introduction to Risk Management and Risk Registers is a 1.5 hour introduction to NIST guidance, risk management practices specific to Federal Information Technology (FIT). We review core minimum standards for a risk plan and a risk inventory. A copy of the presentation will be provided to attendees in PDF format as a tool in the toolkit of takeaways.

Session: Intro to Integrated Project Teams & Charters


Introduction to Integrated Project Teams & Charters (IPT) is a 1.5 hour introduction to guidance, how to form an IPT, roles and responsibilities, guidance and charter core components.  A copy of the presentation will be provided to attendees in PDF format as a tool in the toolkit of takeaways. A copy of the presentation will be provided to attendees in PDF format.

CxO Panel


Each year we welcome a CxO Executive Panel covering the latest ideas, lessons, visioning, strategy and guidance from our Federal Department and Agency leadership and some of our Private Sector Thought Leaders and Inspirers.

Capital Planning, Investment Control & Governance

Executive Branch Participation


We will bring you this year's guidance and Administrative reporting priorities right on time.

Cooper-Godlove Awards of Excellence


Nominations for the annual Cooper-Godlove Awards of Excellence are open. Day 1 we will showcase awards during our Lunch Banquet.

Session: Introduction to IT Governance


Introduction to Governance is a 1 hour session that provides an orientation to the core concepts for identifying and implementing repeatable processes in order to yield predictable results and outcomes. This session is taught by a CPP-I certified instructor. 

Session: Investment Maturity


Pre-Select, Select, Control, Evaluate. Investment Management has a prescriptive maturity model. Learn more about Information Technology Investment Management Guidance in this helpful one hour session taught by a CPP-I certified instructor. 

Candidates to Analysts Initiative (C2AI)


Those individuals pursuing the entry-level certificate as part of the Candidates to Analysts Initiative receive their graduation honor during the Day 1 Lunch Banquet.

Call for Speakers


If you would like to offer a session on a CPIC or governance topic please contact us today. 

CyberSecurity & Defense

NIST Guidance Revision


The National Institute of Standards and Technology is planning to issue a draft second revision to its guidelines for controlled unclassified information handled by the Defense Department and government contractors, in order to better address "advanced persistent threats".

The upcoming draft revisions are based on recent assessments that information critical for national security requires "enhanced" protections, the NIST official said at a public meeting updating industry and government officials on the data requirements at NIST headquarters on Thursday.

NIST's Ron Ross said a draft revision to NIST guideline 800-171 would be issued before the end of the year for public comment. The revisions are "just in the planning stages this week" and a formal announcement will be issued soon. Ross said the enhanced requirements would be proposed for comment as an appendix to the overall document to offer additional protections beyond "basic" controls outlined in chapter three of the guidelines. 

CyberSecurity Reporting Consolidation


Cybersecurity reporting has been segregated away from certain financial and capital planning reports for many years. Cybersecurity reporting is anticipated to be reintegrated into CPIC reports and we are preparing orientation content for CPIC2019 and Artifact Academy attendees.

Call for CyberSecurity Collaborators


We have track openings for CyberSecurity SME's. Can you envision your session here? 

Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability of Data


Technology Expo and Partner Pavilion space is also available for showcasing and demonstrating solutions. No sales pitches, please, Bring your templates, tips and tools for securing our national infrastructure and helping our collaborators do it better, too.

CyberSecurity Recruitment & Career Opportunities


Participate in our Career Exploration and Hospitality meeting spot!  

Media Coverage


Media coverage is welcomed in Artifact Academy. We are exploring ways to collaborate with media, however, CPIC Forum sponsored sessions in the Main Theatre involving executive sessions and executive branch participation are off limits, off the record and may not be recorded under any circumstances. Media is strictly prohibited from Executive Branch sessions for CPIC practitioners as part of long-standing policy; however, media representatives are welcomed in the Partner Pavilion, Expo areas, hospitality areas and certain sessions with pre-approval from the Board of Directors. 

Value-Added Features


Opportunity Pavilion: Education Partner & Innovation Experience

Education + IT = Innovation. This interactive partner social area maximizes knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer. Visit areas designated for mindful exchange,  refreshment and collaboration. Be sure to collect white papers, playbook instructions, templates and forms here as well as in the track sessions to help you be more effective, more productive and more informed. Learn more.

Career Exploration & Hospitality

This welcoming hospitality area offers a meeting spot for those seeking new opportunities and those who offer them. Our community's recruiting professionals, mentors and coaches are invited to host and greet our attending visitors. Perhaps your company or organization would like to host a particular time? We can help you create the right environment for recruitment and job hunting harmony from those investing in their professional education, and more importantly, in themselves. From placing job signage and advertisements in handouts and attendee materials, we have a variety of ways to engage interactively and collaboratively.  Learn more.

Cooper-Godlove Awards of Excellence

Artifact Academy Tuition includes an attendance pass for the lunch banquet on day one. Federal CPIC Forum and it's educational partners present the annual Cooper-Godlove Awards of Excellence and related honors during this event. Help us celebrate the accomplishments of our peers and partners or cheer for someone you nominated!  Nominations are now closed. Awards winners will be notified by May 7. 

Certified Professionals Receive Recognition

Those Forum Members participating in Artifact Academy who will be graduating from Candidates to Analysts Initiative (C2AI) or who receive Capital Planning Professional Certification/ Certified Instructor Status are invited to receive recognition at the Day 1 Lunch Banquet. Learn more.

Continuing Professional Education Credit

All CPIC Forum-sponsored educational events are eligible for Continuous Learning Point (CLP) credit issued in the form of a customized PDF format certificate file. Exams, survey completion or other mandatory requirements may apply. This includes all training furnished by Artifact Academy unless otherwise indicated on a particular session. These credits are convertible through processes of other credentialing entities, such as for Project Management Institute's (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) and the Federal Acquisition Certification (FAC) / Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) for all categories of federal personnel.


Reach out to us today to find out more about how you can benefit. Learn more.

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The next Artifact Academy Sessions will be held May 13-14th, 2019 at the Washington Marriott Georgetown, Washington, D.C. in tandem with the CPIC2019 Forum and FITGOVSUMMIT.

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