Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies From Proliferation to Utility: The State of Technology & The True...

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies: From Proliferation to Utility

Course Synopsis

This course covers blockchains, cryptocurrencies, distributed ledgers, tokens, and related technologies as well as the business, economic, philosophical paradigm shifts that have been taking place since the “mining” of the first Bitcoin “block” on January 3, 2009.  This course not only explains blockchains and cryptocurrencies from a holistic point of view, but it does so with the aim to incite a critical thinking approach to learning and understanding the state of these technologies and their true potential for deploying applications in private industry and government.  While the course is presented from a centrist point of view, it offers thought-provoking discussion on the pro’s and con’s, the hype and speculation, as well as the prevalent dogmatic beliefs surrounding the entire blockchain ecosystem.  The primary focus of the course is to enable participants to learn more than “just” the fundamentals such that they are able to decouple preconceived ideas and biases with the ultimate goal of making sound decisions surrounding blockchain projects, initiatives, and investments.  


This course is offered:

2 Day Course, Washington DC

This two-day,  in-depth course covers:

  • The origin of cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin fundamentals
  • Skeptics and believers of cryptocurrencies and blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency proliferation
  • Utility

$900 per attendee

Register- 2 days: June 25-26, 2019