Introduction to Technology business Management (TBM) for the federal government


The Introduction to Technology Business Management (TBM) for Federal Compliance

The Introduction to Technology Business Management (TBM) for Federal IT Compliance (1 Day). This one day overview and introductory course allows the attendee to be eligible for eight (8) Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) for continuing professional education towards a variety of certifications and practices.

Technology Business Management means different things to different people... it can be:

  • A proprietary software solution implemented by consulting firms with a council that may or may not truly represent the variety of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) options and vendors (yet)
  • A framework for assigning costs to information technology in certain "cost towers" that does NOT have to be vendor-specific
  • An approach that has been successfully implemented in the private sector but faces real cultural and financial obstacles in the federal market
  • A best practice that fits into the Technical Reference Model (TRM) component of a compliant federated architecture approach; enabling clearer insight into how resources are expended in service-driven technologies that more accurately can depict how the fed spends money beyond operations, maintenance, development, modernization or enhancements.

Our instructors will provide an "agnostic" overview to assist attendees with how to undertand the intent, the compliance-driven mandate from the Office of Management & Budget (OMB). We will review what has been incorporated into mandatory financial and project/ program/ portfolio/ investment reporting during 2017 (for Budget year 2019) as well as a review of what is prognosticated to be rolled out in terms of reporting for 2018 (budget years 2020 and 2021).

As we continue to refine the requirements and emerging information we will continue to post updates to course agenda, information and content. Instructor(s):

  • Shawn Battle, CPP-I
  • Janelle Moore, MSIM, CPP, CPP-I, GRC-IT, CGEIT

What we will cover:

  • What is TBM?
  • When are our due dates for compliance activities?
  • Where do we derive our guidance? Do we find help?
  • Why must we consider the application of this Framework? Who are the key players & stakeholders?
  • How do we make this successful?
  • Current Budget Guidance from Office of Management & Budget and the TBM compliance roll-out, to include cost pools, IT cost towers, definitions, framework and timeline.
  • Legislative Drivers, Enablers, & Considerations
  • How does this relate to IT Capital Planning & Investment Control (CPIC) and mandatory compliance reporting?


Each course is facilitated by at least one certified Capital Planning Professional Certified Instructor(CPP-I) and counts towards:

  • C2AI requirements
  • Federal Acquisition Certification (FAC) electives
  • the Capital Planning Professional Certification (CPP) application and/ or electives
  • can be self-reported with the attendance certificate for other professional, project and program management certification continuing education requirements.

The instructor may elect to modify course content at any time, such as to include additional time to focus on special class needs, or organizational requests; such as to cover PortfolioStat, Earned Value, Enterprise Architecture, Governance, or specific exhibit support. A minimum of six (6) paid, confirmed students are required for a location to be confirmed for a public course. If six students do not register, the vendor is within their rights to re-schedule or cancel & refund registered students for courses.


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